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Why do we need to invest in sorting AGV?

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have become essential in modern manufacturing processes to meet various needs and increase productivity. Among them, there are AGVs specifically designed for sorting purposes.

AGV sorting is used in various industries

AGV sorting, or Automated Guided Vehicle sorting, is a type of driverless robot that is responsible for transporting and sorting goods within smart manufacturing facilities or warehouses.

AGV sorting is essential for creating efficient automated Fulfillment centers with features such as flexibility, speed, and ensuring the safety of goods. It is most commonly applied in the express delivery industry, e-commerce, and other related sectors.

Why should businesses invest in sorting robots?

Cost savings on labor

Using robots instead of humans in the transportation and sorting process can save a significant amount of labor costs. Sorting robots can work continuously for many hours, ensuring timely operations and addressing labor shortages and personnel management challenges.

Safety assurance

With their precise and automated operations, sorting robots can replace humans in performing physically demanding tasks. This helps reduce workplace accidents, ensuring safety for workers and goods in the facility.

Flexibility in operation

The number of sorting robots can be adjusted to align with the business’s development. If a business wants to increase the number of sorting robots in the transportation process, they can simply add them to the system, and they can start operating immediately. As a result, the sorting robots can work independently and support each other in their tasks.

Intelligent sorting and processing

Sorting AGV robots have the ability to autonomously sort and process goods in an intelligent manner with minimal errors.

Easy management

The use of autonomous AGV robots can be integrated with smart factory or warehouse management software such as MES or WMS. This enables companies to easily monitor the status of products and optimize warehouse operations.

Therefore, investing in AGV/AMR sorting is essential for an efficient automated Fulfillment warehouse. To meet the needs of businesses, PNCTECH is a specialized provider of sorting AMR/AGV and comprehensive technology solutions in Vietnam.

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