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Welding robot

Welding robots, also known as automated welding, are a process of automation that uses programmable mechanical tools to weld and process a component. Welding robots have filled the increasing gap of the shortage of skilled welders, effectively taking on a significant portion of welding work in the manufacturing industry.

Application fields:
We provide solutions with the most stable industrial robot brands on the market: KUKA, ABB, Kawasaki, etc.
Flexibility in choosing welding power sources according to customer requirements: Fronius, OTC, etc.

We cater to a wide range of applications:
Stick welding
TIG welding
MIG/MAG welding
Multi-process welding
Submerged arc welding
Laser welding.

Components of a welding robot system:
Wire feeder
Welding robot
Wire cleaning machine
Welding torch
Work area
Welding power source
Stack Light
Algorithm box
Safety features

The working process of a welding robot is as follows:

Place the workpiece into the fixture and securely clamp it in position.
Select the appropriate program from the controller. If the suitable program is not available, program the controller manually.
Press the start button on the controller to initiate the welding process.
As the first part is completed, move the second part into the appropriate waiting position.
While welding at the first working position, start setting up the second working position.
Once the welding process at the first position is finished, the work will commence at the second position.
Collect the completed part from position 1 and reload the working position for the next cycle.

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PNC TECH, in close collaboration with leading equipment brands from Japan and the EU, has the capability to provide consultation and simulation for solutions tailored to specific requirements.
PNC TECH, in collaboration with Fronius and OTC, can provide expert consultation and supply the most suitable equipment for your needs.
Based on the production requirements and quality standards of the customers, PNC Tech’s experts can provide consultation and supply suitable equipment and accessories for robotic welding stations.
PNC Tech, in collaboration with its partners in Europe and APAC, is ready to provide comprehensive consultation and supply of equipment, programming, and synchronization for the entire welding line.

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