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Welding Fixture

Welding fixtures are devices used to accurately determine the welding position and securely hold the workpiece in place for precise and efficient welding by welders or welding robots. Depending on the welding method and purpose (such as MIG welding, arc welding, etc.), different types of welding fixtures are used to ensure optimal machining capabilities and conditions for the workpiece.

Application fields:
In industrial manufacturing, there is a need to assemble multiple components together. Therefore, the welded joints require high precision and uniformity. To achieve this, the use of welding fixtures is essential to increase productivity, improve accuracy, and ensure consistency in the final products.

Components of a welding fixture:
Positioning components
Clamping components
Force transmission mechanisms
Guiding mechanisms
Fixture body and base
Fixturing and clamping mechanisms for attachment to the welding machine or robot.

PNC TECH’s design and manufacturing capabilities include:
Layout of the entire Jig line (welding station, robot position, fixtures, auxiliary equipment, etc.).
Calculation of welding time and creation of welding sequence tables.
Calculation and specification of technical parameters for each stage (station).
Detailed 3D design of each fixture (using Catia software).
Simulation of operations involving fixtures, robots, and welding guns.
Error avoidance during operation.
Utilization of software such as Delmia and Robot Studio.
Generation of detailed 2D drawings (Catdrawing, Dwg).
Completion of machining, assembly, and alignment prior to handover to the factory.
Processing capacity: 10-20 stages per month, depending on the nature and requirements of each project.

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PNC TECH has an experienced team specializing in design for clients in the welding industry, including customers from Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.
PNC TECH has extensive experience in testing and commissioning projects related to welding fixtures.
PNC TECH is equipped with a range of machinery and workshops suitable for machining and testing in our facility.
PNC TECH has extensive experience in machining various types of welding fixtures for the automotive industry.

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