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Welding housing

The battery housing comprises four main structural parts: the top cover, bottom cover, inner structure, and side-impact protection structure.

During the manufacturing process, it is essential to avoid deformation after machining and ensure there are no leaks after welding. The dimensions of the component enclosed by the welding shell are noteworthy as it is cast as a solid block. Additionally, this component features an integrated cooling system and integrated connection points for structural components and the surrounding body.

Typical Robot Welding System for Housing:

1. 3 x 6-axis Robot and Controller
2. Electrical Cabinet
3. Aluminum Welding Power Supply
4. Welding Torch and Chiller
5. Positioning System
6. Safety Fence and Sensors
7. Fixtures and Clamping Devices

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The battery housing is a crucial component of any electric vehicle – it protects the battery from potential hazards in the harsh vehicle environment and during accidents, while aiding in thermal management and acting as a protective barrier for passengers in case of battery malfunctions.

Leading battery and electric vehicle manufacturers are transitioning to laser welding for E-Mobility applications, necessitating excellent quality connections with high throughput and detailed productivity. Laser welding is a non-contact process known for its high repeatability, superior in generating low resistance and mechanically robust connections, even when joining copper and different materials.

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Based on the customer’s requirements regarding production volume, manufacturing capacity, and the desired quality of the output, PNC Tech’s experts will select the appropriate robot, welding technology, and design the technological process and fixtures accordingly.
The European and Vietnamese teams have experience in implementing diverse projects involving various standards within the manufacturing plants of Nissan, Hyundai, VinFast, and Volkswagen.
Understanding standards based on specific enterprise requirements (e.g., SICAR, VASS, etc.) is crucial for project implementation and compliance.
Collaborating with an international team of experts and highly experienced engineers is a strategic approach to ensure the success of complex projects.

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