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Radio Shuttle System

Radio Shuttle is an efficient and time-saving solution for transporting and storing goods in warehouses. This system utilizes special devices called "Radio Shuttles" to move goods within storage racks. The Radio Shuttle is remotely controlled using wireless signals, which enhances speed and operational efficiency. When activated, the Radio Shuttle automatically moves along the aisles of the warehouse, swiftly and accurately transferring goods from storage positions to designated locations. This reduces unloading time and increases storage capacity. The Radio Shuttle also supports warehouse management by storing data on the location and quantity of goods, thereby enhancing automation and reliability in warehouse operations. With these advantages, the Radio Shuttle is an advanced and effective solution for businesses involved in storage and goods transportation.

The Radio Shuttle system brings several benefits to investors, including:

1. Space savings: The storage area can reach depths of up to 40 meters and heights of up to 40 meters in automated conditions, resulting in efficient space utilization.

2. Time savings: Unloading and loading times are reduced since operators do not need to enter the retrieval lanes.

3. Increased efficiency: The Robot Shuttle autonomously moves goods to waiting positions, reducing labor and time.

4. Easy replication and high compatibility: It is easy to work with various types of retrieval equipment such as forklifts and overhead cranes, meeting different requirements. It can accommodate diverse pallet sizes and loads up to 1.5 tons per pallet.

5. Safety: The storage and retrieval area operates without the need for forklifts, minimizing risks and accidents associated with racks and products.

Standard Pallet Width: 1200mm
Pallet Length: 800/1000/1200mm
Pallet Load Capacity: Maximum 1500kg
Unloaded Shuttle Speed: Normal conditions 110m/minute, cold conditions 76m/minute
Loaded Shuttle Speed: 70m/minute
Operating Conditions: From 5 to 45 degrees Celsius in normal environments or -30 to 5 degrees Celsius in cold conditions
Battery: Lithium

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FIFO (First-In, First-Out), where the first pallet loaded is the first pallet unloaded. There should be two access aisles: one for loading and another for unloading. This FIFO system is relatively or batch-oriented, recommended for fully loading or unloading one level at a time.
LIFO (Last In, First Out), where the last pallet loaded will be the first pallet unloaded. Loading and unloading are performed from the same side. This is the most common method used with the Pallet Shuttle system.
The Radio Shuttle can be controlled by its own Control System along with a Wi-Fi tablet. It can also be upgraded for full automation and integration with the customer’s WMS (Warehouse Management System).
The Shuttle system is easily scalable and can be fully automated when working with Stacker Cranes or Goods Lifts.

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