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Polishing Robot

Polishing/grinding robots are automated systems composed of robotic arms and grinding tools to polish the surfaces of components after machining. Automatic grinding tools can be integrated with an automatic gripper changing system, allowing the robot arm to replace tools more flexibly. Many industries require its assistance to achieve finished products with aesthetic appeal, such as the woodworking industry, household appliances, metal parts, mobile phone casings, fashion watches, automotive parts, etc.

After completing the stages of cleaning, painting, and drying, the product will be transferred to the painting booth, where the robot will be programmed to perform polishing actions according to the standard time and level of gloss customized by the user.

To meet the technical requirements, the robot arm is programmed to adeptly control the force and position accurately during the grinding process. With the improved rigidity of the robot arm, workpiece information and machining trajectories are automatically determined, along with various other applications.

Notes for usage:

Consider the grinding pressure exerted by the robot arm to control the grinding tool and workpiece.
Maintain stable cutting depth and roughness to ensure the grinding process can be consistently controlled by these parameters.
Avoid excessive cutting or inaccessible grinding tools.
Ensure that the tool and workpiece are always in contact and the contact force is appropriate for the pressure required by the process.
The robot arm can automatically replace the workpiece, improving the quality and output efficiency of the workpiece when performing multiple grinding processes.

Usage process:

– Setup: Install the robot at the desired location and ensure all components are securely connected.
– Programming: Use control software to program the robot arm. Set up clamping fixtures to hold workpieces in place.
– Calibration: Adjust the grinding component to ensure accurate movement and grinding. Use monitoring cameras to confirm accuracy and make adjustments if necessary.
– Operation: Start the robot and monitor the polishing/grinding process through the control software. The robot will automatically apply according to the programming, adjusting in real-time based on feedback from sensors and cameras.
– Quality control: Inspect finished products to ensure accurate and consistent grinding/polishing. Adjust the process to improve quality and efficiency if necessary.
– Maintenance: Regularly check for residues or wear in the machine. Perform periodic checks on the robot arm and other components to ensure smooth operation.

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PNC TECH, in close collaboration with brands from Japan and the EU, is capable of providing consultation and simulation of solutions tailored to specific requirements.
In cooperation with Atlas and Vicostec, PNC Tech can advise and supply the most suitable equipment.
Based on customer production and quality requirements, PNC Tech experts can advise and provide equipment and appropriate fixtures for robot stations.
PNC TECH, with coordination from partners in Europe and APAC, is ready to offer comprehensive equipment, programming, and synchronization for the entire production line.

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