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Painting Robot

A painting robot is an automated painting system that utilizes robotic arms with additional paint spraying systems. Depending on the complexity and requirements of the painting process, they may be equipped with additional components to ensure precise, standardized, and convenient painting for operating engineers. For complex movements or highly challenging paint deformations (such as automotive painting, etc.), painting robots are often combined with spindles or jigs to meet the demand for accurate painting. During the painting process, the robot operates by connecting to the paint spray gun and controlling the gun smoothly, quickly, and evenly as the paint spray booth operates.

Application Fields:

– Automobile manufacturing
– Plastic painting
– Metal painting
– These industries are typically large-scale manufacturing sectors with high system performance demands.

Structure of the paint robot system:

– Painting robot
– Paint spray gun: Powder, water-based, oil-based, or composite spray guns
– Color mixing system
– Pump
– Paint container
Compressed air control system

Advantages of Paint Robots:

– Reduced paint waste during production. The precise mixing and controlled application of paint by robots minimize excessive usage and prevent significant losses.
– Ensured health and safety for workers and the chemical environment. By eliminating direct involvement in the painting process, robots protect workers from exposure to potentially hazardous materials and create a safer working environment.
– Configurable to various manufacturing industries. Automatic paint robots can be adapted and customized to suit the specific needs of different industries and production processes.
– Paint robot configurations can be easily modified to accommodate different manufacturing sectors. The flexibility in adjusting the robot’s setup ensures compatibility with diverse production requirements and applications.
– Paint robots automate the painting process, significantly improving labor efficiency. With the ability to mount multiple efficient spray heads, a single robot can outperform and exceed the productivity of manual painting operations.

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By collaborating with specialized partners in painting applications such as Durr and Kawasaki, PNC TECH provides expertise in consulting and supplying automatic and semi-automatic paint lines.
PNC TECH supplies the complete process and related equipment such as robots, paint guns, accessories, conveyor systems, and clean booths according to the specific requirements of the investors.
The equipment provided by PNC TECH meets the highest standards of performance and safety in terms of collision avoidance and explosion protection in various paint applications.
PNC TECH’s team has extensive experience in integrating and implementing Robot projects, working closely with international partners to ensure successful collaboration.

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