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Machine Vision System

We provide high-precision and detailed 2D or 3D imaging for various objects. Our model options can meet diverse real-world needs such as anti-glare capability, high accuracy, high scanning speed, compact size, and more. Machine vision software can handle processes like depalletizing, part feeding, order picking, labeling/spraying, precise positioning, and more through a code-free graphical interface. By combining machine vision software with AI, deep learning, and other advanced algorithms, it can meet diverse and complex real-world requirements.

The applications of this system are primarily focused on industries that require high precision, such as automotive manufacturing, electric vehicles, logistics, construction machinery, food industry, and many other fields.

Advantages of 2D & 3D Vision:

Suitable for complex applications, such as handling random and tightly packed objects with varying sizes and complex structures.
Easy adjustment to detect multiple different objects.
Robots designed with simple grippers to meet high-precision industrial requirements.
2D & 3D Vision provides accurate and detailed images of objects, including their states and precise positions.

Components of the Machine Vision solution:

– Industrial 2D & 3D cameras
– Machine Vision software
– Programming software for the robot’s working environment
– Accessories and tools

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PNC Tech provides consulting services and supplies suitable equipment for 2D and 3D Machine Vision solutions, including: robot, camera, lenses, power and lighting, software
PNC Tech’s team of experts, with over 10 years of experience in image processing and AI/ML, provides tailored consulting services for Machine Vision solutions that meet the specific requirements of customers and the current production conditions.
PNC Tech offers a wide range of solutions, from simple inspection systems to complex robotic stations and advanced manufacturing solutions.
PNC Tech’s experienced team of engineers is proficient in implementing solutions using popular equipment brands such as HIK, Basler, Dalsa, Keyence, and more

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