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Industrial IOT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) combines machinery, cloud computing, analytics, and human resources to enhance productivity and performance in industrial processes. With IIoT, industrial companies can digitize processes, transform business models, and improve efficiency and productivity while reducing emissions.

IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, is a network of interconnected smart devices that are linked together to form systems for monitoring, collecting, exchanging, and analyzing data.

By connecting sensors and actuators, companies can quickly detect issues and inefficiencies, thereby saving time and money, and supporting intelligent business operations.

Each industrial IoT ecosystem includes:

– Connected devices that can sense, communicate, and store information.
– Public and/or private data communication infrastructure.
– Analysis and application of business insights from raw data.
– Storage of data generated by IIoT devices.
– Human involvement and interaction.

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Promoting production efficiency and industrial processes through fast and automated access and analysis of data, enabling remote implementation of necessary process adjustments.
Accurate inventory tracking and providing alerts in case of discrepancies.
Optimizing the supply chain through real-time monitoring of the supply chain status of a company.
Remote device monitoring and management through machinery and digital software to monitor real-time production and analyze historical data.

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