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Industrial IOT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) combines machines, cloud computing, analytics, and human expertise to enhance productivity and performance in industrial processes. With IIoT, industrial companies can digitize their operations, transform their business models, and improve efficiency and productivity while reducing waste.

IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, combines machinery, cloud computing, analytics, and human interaction to improve productivity and efficiency in industrial processes. With IIoT, industrial companies can digitize processes, transform business models, and enhance performance and productivity while reducing waste.

Built on the AVEVA partner platform, the IoT management system consists of:

Configuration: Custom configuration for the application and execution module.
Modules: SCADA and IoT View applications optimized for specific customer requirements.
Container OS: Essential OS components (Windows or Linux).
Server Operating System: Operating system for device servers.

Overview architecture:
Cloud Analytics and Mobile Access: Analytics, aggregated statistics, AI, machine learning, remote control/operation, remote monitoring and notifications.
Edge Devices: Data collection, data processing, cloud connectivity, on-site maintenance, on-site operation.

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A diverse range of monitoring, management, and control features are available to cater to various project requirements and investment scales.
The system provides scalability for any project, whether it involves SCADA at multiple locations or visualizing data from low-level devices and embedded systems.
Ensuring seamless operation and effective integration with existing IT and OT infrastructure in Industry 4.0 is a key priority.
The system ensures convenience during operation by providing a platform for developing mobile applications. This allows users to access and control the system remotely using their mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience in monitoring and managing industrial processes.

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