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Glueing Robot

Glue application robots are automated systems designed to apply adhesives with high precision and consistency. These robots are widely used in various industries to increase production efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance product quality.

Applications in Industries:

– Electronics: Used to protect, seal, and encase components to safeguard them from moisture and other environmental factors. Essential in assembling circuit boards, attaching components, and protecting wiring.
– Automotive: Applied in assembling parts such as windshields, lights, and electronic modules. Ensures strong bonds in structural components and sealing for increased durability and safety.
– Woodworking: Used in furniture production to bond panels, edges, and decorative details. Ensures even glue distribution for strong bonds and aesthetic appeal.
– Aerospace: Important for bonding and sealing aircraft components. Provides reliability and precision in critical applications requiring high accuracy.

Structure of a Glue Application Robot:

– Robotic Arm: The central component that moves the glue applicator with high precision and flexibility. Typically equipped with multiple axes to perform complex movements.
– Glue Dispenser: A nozzle or gun that applies the adhesive. Can be customized for different types of glue and application methods.
– Glue Reservoir: Stores the adhesive. Equipped with a system to maintain the glue at optimal temperature and viscosity.
– Clamping and Fixation Fixtures: Secure and position the workpieces firmly during the glue application process. Ensures stability and accuracy in applying the glue.
– Monitoring Camera: Provides real-time feedback to ensure precision and quality control. Helps adjust the gluing process and detect any issues.
– Control Software: Allows operators to program and control the robot’s movements and gluing patterns. Enables customization and optimization of the gluing process for different applications.

Usage Process

– Setup: Install the robot at the desired location and ensure all components are securely connected. Load adhesive into the glue reservoir and set the required temperature and pressure.
– Programming: Use control software to program the gluing pattern, desired quantity, and speed. Set up the clamping fixtures to hold the workpieces in place.
– Calibration: Calibrate the robotic arm and glue applicator to ensure precise movement and application. Use the monitoring camera to verify accuracy and make adjustments if necessary.
– Operation: Start the robot and monitor the gluing process through the control software. The robot will automatically apply glue as programmed, adjusting in real-time based on feedback from sensors and cameras.
– Quality Control: Inspect the finished products to ensure the glue is applied accurately and consistently. Adjust the process to improve quality and efficiency if needed.
– Maintenance: Regularly clean the glue applicator and check for residues or wear. Ensure the glue reservoir is maintained and refilled as needed. Perform periodic checks on the robotic arm and other components to ensure smooth operation

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PNC TECH, in close collaboration with brands from Japan and the EU, is capable of providing consultation and simulation of solutions tailored to specific requirements.
In cooperation with Atlas and Vicostec, PNC Tech can advise and supply the most suitable equipment.
Based on customer production and quality requirements, PNC Tech experts can advise and provide equipment and appropriate fixtures for robot stations.
PNC TECH, with coordination from partners in Europe and APAC, is ready to offer comprehensive equipment, programming, and synchronization for the entire production line.

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