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Design and prototype development

The PNC TECH team and international experts possess the capability to design and develop solutions related to gasoline and electric/hybrid vehicle manufacturing. This includes: Developing prototypes for gasoline/electric vehicles. Designing and manufacturing components. Testing/operating/prototyping on a small scale. Programming information systems on vehicles.

PNC TECH’s team of engineers in Vietnam is fully equipped with the capabilities to design jigs, fixtures, and perform machining for welding, testing, and assembly applications. The team has extensive experience in implementing projects for Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Vinfast, and is well-versed in Asian and European standards.

Furthermore, PNC TECH collaborates with partners in producing small-scale sample products according to customer requirements. This allows for the integration of testing and trial runs at the production site in Vietnam.

PNC TECH’s team consists of:

– 7 concept design engineers proficient in CAD/CAM software, particularly Catia.
– 3 automation and automotive manufacturing experts with over 10 years of experience.
– Alongside the team, there are international experts from Europe.

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Collaborating with international experts and partners to design components/areas for automotive production, such as A-class Surfacing, Car Body, Plastics, Lights, Electro, and Wire Harness.
Manufacturing and conducting testing according to the highest standards set by our European partners.
Our team is fully capable of designing and manufacturing fixtures and tooling to support the manufacturing process according to both Asian and European standards.
We specialize in the development and programming of information management systems and application software for our customers’ vehicle operations.

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