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Design and fabrication of stamping tools.

Our international capabilities in the field of tool engineering enable PNC TECH to prepare and provide comprehensive designs and technical specifications for stamping tools used in structural components. Collaborating with international experts, we utilize the latest software solutions such as Autoform, CATIA, TEBIS, and NX7. To ensure a seamless transition from engineering to production, we conduct comprehensive CAE/FEA analysis for each tool. Moreover, our team conducts research on material behavior during the stamping process and eliminates negative influences. This integration of analysis and manufacturing ensures that every design is carefully considered and well-prepared for the next step - tool production.

To design, we use:

With production engineering, we apply:

Regarding simulation, we use:

Custom machining capabilities:

Spotting presses:
1x PYXTUS 50.1_2800 – table size: 2800 × 1800 mm
2x PYXTUS 50.1_4000 – table size: 4000 × 2200 mm

Try-out presses:
1x LOIRE 800 t – table size 3000 × 2000 mm
1x ONAPRESS 1200 t – table size 4900 × 2500 mm

Hydraulic press:
Mossini 2500T – size of working table: 5000 x 2500 mm

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Custom design capabilities with highly experienced international experts from major corporations.
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Quality control is conducted through 3D measurements and inspections.
Quality control is conducted through 3D measurements and inspections.

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