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When welding, high mechanical pressure is applied to a relatively small area, and a significant amount of energy is supplied in the form of electrical current. In this process, two electrodes press metal sheets together, and the welding current is transformed into heat at the contact surface of the metal, creating a permanent solid connection between the two metal sheets.

PNC provides efficient and rapidly available automated solutions for robot-controlled spot welding with high-quality welds and short cycle times. The automated spot welding process, combined with robots, ensures precise and accurate welds, guaranteeing the best weld quality and maximum efficiency throughout the welding process.


Aluminum MIG Welding: Welding structures made of aluminum alloy frames + Special fixtures due to aluminum’s non-elastic and hard-to-control deformation.

MIG/MAG Welding: Welding high-productivity, precision steel frame structures.

Spot Welding: Welding various sheet metal forms such as doors, hood assemblies, vehicle shells, etc. + Experience in spot welding fixtures for Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, etc.

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  • PNC has the capability to design processing procedures, fixtures, and integrate highly automated technologies.
  • The European and Vietnamese teams have experience in implementing diverse projects conforming to various standards within the manufacturing plants of Nissan, Hyundai, VinFast, Volkswagen, depending on enterprise-specific requirements (e.g., SICAR, VASS, …).

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