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Agricultural IOT

IoT (Internet of Things) is the collection of devices that have the ability to connect with each other, the Internet, and the external world to perform a specific task. In agriculture, IoT involves the application of smart devices, connected sensors, and automated control throughout the production process to cope with climate change and greenhouse effects. Additionally, it helps improve quality, ensure food safety, and enhance the value of agricultural products.

IoT in agriculture is a system that connects devices capable of collecting and transmitting data through the internet, aiming to provide automation solutions and optimize management and monitoring activities in the agricultural sector.

IoT devices in agriculture can include sensors, machinery, GPS devices, and automated control systems, all interconnected with each other and with a central control system through the internet.

The system in agricultural IoT consists of the following main components:

– Sensor devices: These include sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pH level, water quality, soil saturation, light intensity, air humidity, and other parameters.

– Data collection devices: These devices collect data from sensors and transmit the data to control systems or central control systems.

– Control systems: These systems are used to manage and control IoT devices, collect data, analyze the data collected, and make decisions based on the collected data. They can be remotely managed through the internet.

– Monitoring systems: These systems are used to monitor the status and operation of IoT devices in the system, including sensors and control devices.

– Data analysis software: This software is used to analyze the data collected from IoT devices and provide useful information such as reports, charts, and predictions for agricultural management.

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Product traceability: monitoring the crop production process and tracking the quality of the products.
Resource conservation: monitoring water usage, time utilization, electricity consumption, and providing solutions for resource conservation.
Monitoring the health of livestock and crops: tracking indicators such as temperature, movement, health status, etc., to determine when care is needed and detect health issues.
Automating the production process: controlling the usage of fertilizers and pesticides to minimize chemical usage and enhance production efficiency.

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