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Turnkey Solution Consulting & Implementation

Turnkey factory production line

PNC TECH believes that industrial efficiency and the degree of automation in industrial production processes are two inseparable concepts. Automation is the backbone of today’s evolving industry and an important trend shaping how things will work in the future benefiting quality and productivity.

Our scope is to provide turnkey automation solutions for manufacturing, fabrication and industrial assembly covering all stages from planning and concept to mechanical engineering, electricity, PLC programming, robotics and pneumatic programming to production, operation and service.

Reasons to need a Turnkey solution

Your company needs an experienced team for a specific project

Our team of experts gives you a different perspective for your problem-solving team

Your limited resources cannot implement the performance solution in a timely manner due to other priorities

You want the support of a professional company to fulfill your commitments?

What is PNC TECH?


PNC TECH is a solution integrator associated with the technology transfer center of Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

The mission of PNC TECH is:

  • Research and application of new technologies
  • Transfer of international production technologies applied in the Vietnamese environment

Team capacity

PNC TECH has a team of experienced implementations in leading large projects in Vietnam such as Vinfast. The team includes:

  • 10 design engineers
  • 5 operating robot engineers
  • 5 installation personnel in case of a project
  • 1 Technology Research Lab at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 1 Industrial Workshop in Hanoi.

Deployment field

PNC TECH is capable of implementing projects from all stages:

  • Survey and consultation
  • Design and fabrication
  • Check
  • Factory commissioning and installation
  • Maintenance and repair

Areas where the company has strengths include automatic production lines for motor vehicles, electric vehicles, Intralogistics and AGV/AMR systems.

PNC Tech Execution Process


Execution and Installation

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