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Install, test and handover training for robotic line

The Installation and Commissioning of on-site robotic products and systems is one of the core competencies of PNCTECH.

Our technical skills, robotics knowledge and simulation tools will reduce start-up time and PNCTECH experts will work with you to develop programs for your robot(s) , which is both intuitive for the operator and optimized for your production needs at an affordable price.

A well programmed robot is an investment in itself. As it will reduce your cycle times, your robot will require less maintenance, the robotic system will work longer without downtime and prolong the life of the system for increased performance and productivity at your rate.

PNC TECH deploys the installation and Commissioning process including stages:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Installation Development
  • Programming Development
  • Commissioning
  • Launch

Advantages of working with PNC TECH:

  • Experience working with many factories such as factory Z, Vinfast.
  • The team is familiar with today’s popular robot systems such as KUKA, ABB, Kawasaki.
  • Fully staffed, able to withstand high pressure, responsible for work.
  • Having a Workshop that meets the test will be needed.

Installation and commissioning services of PNCTECH experts are defined in stages as follows:


PNCTECH’s expert engineers work with you to define the perfect robotic arm and robotic solution for your industrial process automation.


PNCTECH professionals use their knowledge and skills to research and advise on available options within defined parameters and budgets. Robotic device solutions are then pre-tested with simulation tools to reduce warm-up times and allow PNCTECH to develop high-performance programs.

Workshop Installation

The installation phase of robotic system equipment integrates with ancillary automation and production processes. The robotic arm and controller are online and tested in preparation for production programming.

Programming development

PNCTECH experts will work with you to develop high-performance programs for your robot(s) that are intuitive for operators to use and optimized for your production needs at a price reasonable. A well programmed robot will reduce your cycle times, require less maintenance, will operate longer without downtime and extend the life of your system, increasing your performance and productivity.


The system will be comprehensively tested and fine-tuned to ensure optimum manufacturability with areas such as process speed, tool weight analysis, OS backup creation, specialized robotic arm calibration and define service requirements.


PNCTECH technicians will ensure that your operators are independently mobilizing the installation, thereby completing the design to kick-start the installation and commissioning process.

PNC Tech Execution Process


Execution and Installation

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