Applications of AGV/AMR in automation

Applications of AGV/AMR in automation

The importance of automation and control in manufacturing

The importance of automation and control in manufacturing cannot be overstated. Automation involves the application of advanced technology in industrial production to replace some or many aspects of manual labor with devices and machinery. Humans primarily play a role in management and control rather than directly performing tasks as they did in the past. Automation, with the involvement of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), is experiencing significant development, enabling machines to operate faster, more accurately, reducing human intervention, and saving time and costs.

To better understand AGVs and AMRs in automation, it is necessary to delve into their functions and tasks:

AGVs, or Automated Guided Vehicles, are vehicles used for automated transportation to various production stages or pre-programmed addresses using modern navigation technologies. AGVs are commonly employed in automated manufacturing plants or smart warehouses. These devices are guided by magnetic strips or tracks installed on or beneath the warehouse floor.

AMRs, on the other hand, are autonomous robots equipped with advanced systems to autonomously plan routes and move materials without the need for physical guidance or markers.

The applications of AGVs/AMRs in automation

AGVs and AMRs are widely applied in various industries as part of the automation process, including manufacturing, automated assembly lines, mechanical processing, quality control, and more.

Currently, the AGV market is booming, with an impressive growth rate projected to reach approximately 10.8% by 2026. There are various types of AGVs available, such as push-type, pull-type, and transport-type vehicles. AMRs, on the other hand, are commonly used for material handling and pallet transportation. These products are increasingly being utilized in fields such as logistics, healthcare, transportation, and retail.

PNC Tech – Providing AGVs and AMRs for automation

If you are seeking automation solutions for your business, PNC Tech is the company that can exceed your expectations with its AGV and AMR products. The autonomous mobile robots, such as AMR for material handling and stacking, autonomous forklift systems for product assembly, and sorting AMR systems, are becoming essential equipment for numerous large and small businesses in Vietnam.

PNC Tech’s team of young and skilled engineers specializes in automation and possesses extensive experience, having worked in South Korea and Japan. They have successfully met the most stringent requirements of companies like VTP, Vinfast, Vines, Nestle, by delivering high-quality and high-performance products.

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