3 things to know about automatic transportation systems in smart warehouses

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  • 3 things to know about automatic transportation systems in smart warehouses

3 things to know about automatic transportation systems in smart warehouses

The application of smart warehouses is becoming an essential trend for businesses in every industry. Among them, an automated transportation system is a fundamental and representative component of a smart warehouse. In this article, we will share three detailed pieces of information about this system to provide a better understanding.

What equipment does the automated conveying system include?

An automated transportation system consists of various devices. Depending on the scale of the warehouse, the nature of storing goods, the specific characteristics of each type of merchandise, and the specific requirements of the business owner, this system may include different devices. However, fundamentally, a smart and automated transportation system will include the following main devices:

Roller conveyor

This is a crucial device in automated warehouses. Thanks to conveyor belts, the process of receiving, shipping, and sorting goods becomes faster and more convenient. It is also a system that helps streamline the flow of goods. This device has the capability to transport heavy loads and can easily integrate with other devices to create a smart transportation system within warehouses.

Cardboard Box, Container, Crate, Distribution Warehouse

Cargo lane change system

There are lane transfer systems such as 180-degree, 90-degree, and 30-degree lane transfers. Thanks to these systems, the process of categorizing different product lines in the warehouse becomes smoother and more accurate. Depending on the weight of the goods and the characteristics of the items to be transported, the structure of the lane transfer conveyor may vary.


This is an essential device in an automated transportation system. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) help save transportation time, optimize warehouse space, and increase the efficiency of goods handling. These devices utilize navigation and guidance technologies to pull loads without the need for human intervention.

Electric Conveyor System

There are two commonly applied types of electric conveyors in smart warehouses: overhead electric conveyors and floor-mounted electric conveyors. These are automated transmission systems controlled by motors, designed to move pallets along predefined routes. Thanks to electric conveyors, automated transportation can take place at high speeds while ensuring absolute safety.

ARM Robot

A robotic crane, also known as an automated crane, is an indispensable device in smart warehouses. The main task of an automated crane is to load and unload goods according to programmed commands from the control system.

Why we should apply automatic transportation system in warehouse?

Time savings: For every business, time is money. When implementing a smart transportation system, all transportation operations are carried out faster compared to manual transportation. This leads to time savings in terms of goods handling, shipping, and warehouse operations.

Cost reduction: The first cost that businesses can reduce when implementing a smart transportation system is labor costs. Since transportation tasks are fully automated without human intervention, labor costs are minimized. Additionally, with better control and monitoring of active devices, the system achieves higher accuracy, reducing costs associated with errors and inefficiencies in the process of goods handling, shipping, and warehousing.

Improved business efficiency: Simply put, an automated transportation system allows business operations to move faster. Time-consuming tasks such as proper inventory placement, packaging, labeling, heavy pallet movement, and inventory counting are automated. This enables businesses to increase productivity and allocate more time to other stages of production and business processes, ultimately improving overall efficiency and profitability.

Ensuring labor safety: For oversized or specialized goods, or warehouses with harsh environmental conditions, using automated equipment for goods transportation becomes essential. This fully replaces human intervention to ensure labor safety.

PNCTECH, the professional provider of automated transportation solutions for smart warehouses

PNCTECH is proud to be a professional provider of smart warehouse solutions in Vietnam. Among them, the automated transportation solutions are one of the key areas we focus on. PNCTECH has implemented numerous consulting projects and installations of modern and intelligent transportation systems for warehouses nationwide, across various industries.

Depending on the specific needs of each business and industry, PNCTECH advises and provides the most suitable and advanced transportation solutions. What sets PNCTECH apart as a trusted partner for all customers is our dedicated consultation approach, aiming to offer the most optimized and cost-saving solutions.

In the world of technology, speed undoubtedly helps you stay ahead. The purpose of automated transportation solutions is to accelerate the operation of smart warehouses for businesses. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact PNCTECH for effective and tailored solutions.

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